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is a case concerning a california law the requires police to collect the dna of any adult arrested for a felony the chief justice of the ninth circuit alex kaczynski said about the decision. video streaming is a way to open record stores even wider so that more people can see and hear what transpires in the quarter particularly in regard to some of our most important cases. so stay tuned for some musty legal tv coming out of the west cups that's you a story of spying and deception. emerging from the us air force academy according to information obtained by the colorado springs gazette. the air force's office of special investigations with postie was running a secret program in which cadets were forced to spy on their classmates to catch suspected drug users and offenders. the cadets you acted as informants were encouraged to see their classmates their professors in our commanders on taking photos wearing recording devices and filing secret reports. according to the gazette this is something many cadets were bullied into doing. it says the record show a side uses the fbi style tact
but the organization did release some of its priorities for this year. they re did the sensible laws are being written in voted on at the summit. although alex still keep secret which corporate interests are being hired writing. each bottle bill. present. there's that this model bill under consideration this week opposing the case ability to regulate greenhouse gases under the clean air act the proposal was supported by deep deep oil industry. or there's this bill the international relations task force that opposes regulations requiring country of origin labeling on to the grocery stores. a proposal supported by the back. plus there are model bills to weaken sector unions as well as to make the affordable care act or obamacare more difficult to implement. these are all conservative priorities. but passing model bills the cubicle was on the road is only one priority this year for alec. the other is mending fences. as the guardian reported this week. alec is facing any foreigner is in crisis. after hundreds of lawmakers and dozens of corporations left the organization over controversy created by alex s
at secret c i a prisons in coal and a country that has laws against torture. while cullen has not officially admitting its role in the cit program there is significant and documentary evidence according to complicity from calling for a maniac and lithuania in creating the secret detention facilities for free and research are often black crow we have now heard overwhelming and uncontested evidence at this tag eight was running a secret torture prison on polish soil. but the polish government's given many oppornities to do so the polish government has failed to contest that a new prisoners were being held down the rule of law and tortured by the caa inside their own country. homeland has been conducting internal investigations about their potential participation in the black sites. not yet provided the european court of human rights that any classified documents she and her shoes on tightening your belt because your trip through security checkpoints can get easier. preach fact is that members only club run by the transportation security admistrion. a loud moan risk passengers g i the srt min a
. the energy giant says it has halted operations amid what it called on lawful and violent protester activities and congestion chevron also says that he wants to work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner under the terms agreed with the authorities and the striking campaigner and each time but says that authorities worldwide stay silent about tracking precisely because of the possible answer. my tuition in this country a window of bulawayo. this is it really is going to be a distinction because they know full well that all adequately vigilance. is there an exaggeration of the potential problems they are overlooking a fact that the clumsy following the recent solo cd the limited by the society the two losing it. anz's his bicycle in the oklahoma in the on loan from things that i am full of thirteen years of on that stuff about dubstep attended a century to set him off to battle an increase in its concluding sentences and it's a cool is that even being to live blog on wednesday to suit the interests of big businesses. which places it back in the documents. that's the situation had gott
the boat from moscow state university. but the officials are doing is a violation of international law. the fact that they are essentially on the ground and yes cheerleading the protesters are calling for a revolution in the country. this is tantamount to the regime change that has been called for in german newspapers earlier today. this is the most egregious violation of the united nations charter and international law violation of sovereignty and the non interference in domestic affairs of other states. and i think russia cannot take it the whole world community cannot take this the dream just act like that. check out our good outcome for latest graphics photos and news from kiev we have a detailed timeline of events in case you've missed anything. this coming week iran and six world powers a second draft the first steps towards implementing the nuclear deal that was recently sealed in geneva the process isn't expected to be an easy one though although it's seen as a diplomatic breakthrough the cream it has already faced fierce criticism including from wrongs long standing regional f
in the oklahoma in the on loan from things that going for thirteen years of law that started last dubstep attended a century to set him off to battle an increase in its duty to the zoo and it's a cool is that even being to live blog on wednesday to suit the interests of big businesses between two places in the keating governments that's the situation had gotten a lot of people up in own screw it all in on the police to stop using them to protect so unconvincing by the selection of the city bolton been added into my new quote the stories within ten to twenty dollars to the pavement in the upper don't matter because we know we told you all in all governments going on to these potential new season is this next to the protest ukraine again a delegation of u and pieces spoken to the crowds in kiev the protests is have three more days that the decal from government buildings. the latest is the peaceful sculpt and tia he crouched behind me were addressed by a group of any peace they once again returned to their support for the protest is now the delegation met with opposition leaders and looks like the m
law. when you win. stallings cats with the ukrainian opposition says brace themselves for the wires as unwise release around that time in the car so that she put the security forces as an insult to the center console that time. the following e government steps up its legal quiet town for reform. i see this as a number of those arrested had just closed to the three thousand mom. david cameron takes what is to launch an inquiry into the oil law is trying to imbue easy thing to giant to rot. outside the home of the scene and the chance to protest the games he's straight. in. the it says on the international. welcome to the pile. and there's no plan to storm the protests a skunk and the ukrainian council smith on bass according to the country's security forces chief. still the axis of greece who sells for a long siege all even and sold off to riot police surrounded the independence square in kiev on c's pulls off his back for us. is this sense of uncertainty idea of the central kiev right now was the protests continued up peacefully behind to make a riot police have gathered on the frin
detectors or x ray machines. when senate democrats were looking to amend the law before its passage to mandate that metal monster the upcoming component of the gun. thereby closing the loophole that would allow for movable metal parts on the other hand republicans not to pass the bill in its current form that's exactly what happened this afternoon in the house the senate will take up the matter when it returns on december night. the same day the law will sunset the national rifle association hasn't publicly taken a stance on the legislation however gun owners of america a smaller gun rights group called the band and extension unnecessary because three d printing technology is not yet quite the available. and using the three d printer to replicate passing guns may not be the only battle at hand. this practice can also be used to print metal dots are cheese marina or nia got an inside look at a shooting range in austin texas where gun to his guests have access to the world's first three d painted metal gun the new brits shooting range in austin texas is normally packed with god. enthu
of the security born at ten knots the sky is deep and introduces new state secrecy laws. the total that the times online the right decision. i couldn't picture the reporters later the hall the above. new measures. and when islamic extremists in the may flowers. the parade commander of the british know what your bike to muslim converts in a part of the panics that ilk extremist material on the web and found a nice encouraging extremism from visiting mosques. i love that is on fees or smith reports that the trial is black comb that are becoming increasingly radical lines what with scrubs prison in west london said temporary or yogurt on how i am to around fourteen hundred male presidents. apart from the inevitable gang activity and drug taking the case on its sides. many prison inmates find remix and while that thing that strikes some odd january of this nelson on he speaks of christmas and a veto that you are going to keep that good. all other to get more fiber itself. all art doll that had just the same as the pa for a kind of trip. atonement for protection. the blog because i was relieved. inste
twitter. the animal. the law the night to provide a spine tags on the russian leadership to the us on from time to think like rain fall political figures the country store sabine against industrial espionage against russia's energy companies yet his age has come from swedish tv so i can feel immensely by inputs night and in a recent program called mission investigate its chief editor told auntie what they discussed. we have been revealed that about the body to loosen relationship that between the swedish defence review for cheap airfare eight. and that their american counterparts. nsa and according to documents that if they have spied on spying on to the russian leadership. and they are passing these information on to an essay. there we got access to these documents thanks to anna in the snow done so far and we had gone to heaven there the tears more than that the documents are mentioning them. but so few miles and unique the chileans had to give up classic. it really ends and the oh so mentioning cables the spokesman of all this rain didn't give any comments but an edwin hacks asked about
banks the government will let them go to the law. the leadership then decided to reject a lost deposits repayments being swayed by protesters he said the plan is unfair. instead every household in the country will now have twenty four thousand heroes written off their mortgage banking executives accused of causing the crisis the first place are also being pursued at the state. master of binary economics mighty shakespeare believes that iceland is setting a remarkable example. you must rely on your own national bank. for your own new uses for your own with economy and for the spreading and if you don't do that you'll be trapped into debt in the same way that when the priest of god christ and that you've got a free country in the well is being checked into the increasing debt. and all that happens is that they increase the levels of debt and smashed the populations down. we need every vote against this global financial system and in its own way iceland is testing ivory somebody is awful. thank you honest. international monetary fund has criticized the icelandic government policies saying
today this is the most egregious violation of the united nations charter and international law violation of sovereignty and the non interference in domestic affairs of other states. and i think russia cannot take it the whole world community cannot take this the dream just act like that. latest news updates footage and for the girls from kiev can be found right now on a website auntie cocoa heathrow said no going to get up to speed with how these protests started and escalated into the current situation. this week's order to match the difference is exposed by the historic deal between six will post in the role on that but its atomic ambitions. and in general cautious optimism holds on capitol hill is really hard liners and disgruntled shrinks in the gulf states and to some others who are angry unseeded to be and who battles the white house faces to make this agreement stake today that diplomacy open up a new path toward a world that is more secure. and flying in the face of president obama. what was needed. geneva. let's talk this over with. so the store instead. you will. it's in an env
awe of friction and some typically fall one by law must issue was brought to the table. and well ideological differences can really exist because the economic operation will do me and the benefit of the quality of life for paul's countries. so therefore it is really the intention from all sides to war hawk closest to them closer together and set aside other differences. the uk has also don't wanna be up high in the meantime i see that yes. i had to write sad that the uk seems to be china's one of china's four minus three takes on a few minor points that doesn't mean that said this this probably is of assuring that is all forgiven and forgotten i think nile yes the other call a toll on sunday lot to prove differences of their other can hardly belive now was a member of team conjures up all i've heard now i think the office told the timer on the is under greater pressure from but this is so cold that we cannot ignore all you fans the china market players. and because china is off still odd dominated by odd number of big businesses and to the government has gone on stronger influenc
. this is the most egregious violation of united nations charter and international law violation of sovereignty and the non interference in domestic affairs of other states. and i think russia cannot take the whole world community cannot take this to a dream just acts like. simon greenberg and that these protests would go well beyond just words and disturbances on the streets. the people of the street but often not rational. because you it's very difficult to fill the crowed one to get a hundred thousand of them didn't decide until two thousand. it takes all not really a mind of its own. and it becomes a cabin become extremely violent protests is to affirm the barricaded themselves in central kiev saying they would not leave until both the president of the government step down with that scenario being highly unlikely. the fate of the country is once again hanging by a thread. place your chest e auntie reporting from kyiv ukraine russia's president pretence that he believes ukraine's opposition is no longer able to control the situation has taken to the eu deal is only being used as an excuse to
black greasy usually happen is that a federal law enforcement agency. make little pro. not many people including us citizens to the watch list and then never revealed the reason for being included on the watch list or even officially let them know that they are on the list and there's just not really any sure fire way of these people finding out why they ended up on the list in the first weeks and i understand a muslim sounding names are more likely to be on that once was. because they are credible dress or that because it's more of a stereotype. while there's no reason to believe that just because somebody has a muslim name or muslim sounding name that they are more likely to be a threat in any kind of way. ahmed and the experience of the civil rights legal community we are seeing that the list is far are disproportionately affect being around people with muslim sounding names so as far as we can tell. there is some type of religious profiling going on that leads to the compilation of thoughts but you can't distinguish trust the difference between the terror watch list and no fly list
columnists was detained under anti terror laws and allegedly for caring more incriminating date acknowledged that month the paper was forced to destroy hard drives containing sensitive information without the filter still more revelations. i say here we are now with the edits for the gaudy being potentially threatened with legal action at this hearing. jeremy called a member of parliament for the bridge with the potty doesn't believe it will go to the file. if they succeed in silencing the gandhi and then all the state is in danger of mosman of a hat mitts and other bits of meat you organization. i don't think they were taken to fall because that great tradition of tunes and great. he's the chosen this kind of dance hero fighting to save what they really mean that a pimp on the spot that not diminish the right chemistry tradition the guardian has stood up i think very happy for him to be supported through. i think is extremely unlikely he would get to prosecute the intervening space but i guess if my cousin respected and he has never happened before in britain that i can remember. i don't th
to return until there is a law that compensates. they say that there are women who were raped by two we're going to want to investigate doesn't apply just as they're asking the libyan government not to allow a stock until those guilty go to tribunals in our sentence the difficulties that the company felt the need to be punished for book winds of fifteen. we are sure some people about things we are not all guilty for that. people from too weird to have met with people from ms robinson sold the problem we apologized to the families ms raptor the median strip that there is no answer from their side for now the displaced to win teams can only hope and pray that one day they can mature into the formal nights. quiz him on tv. most of the top of the store is not enough to go home for the budget truck hijackings mexico's good nothing to do with drugs the ball catch though this time was extremely of radioactive material this go missing from the radiotherapy machines are the ones who live more about the district is hoping to break this out to find us. also to find out how the films below. top wit
in law told me not to force her son to go in the day of rain which he didn't like it the guy unless he was there to start to be there at the end snap my god was there my sister is born she's in a twenty seven that idea so much more respect for women now can say the same for my father not surprisingly enough fish in on the that he didn't get hurt a lot of herbicides eight. the focus on the neighbor but you can have the pain relief. it's the awesome to me that that was the worst. during question and i seem to be week's going to see about that. i found stacks of some very tragic high of up to eight percent. but no go almost died in the extreme dislike for always always our own any. his hair when it opens our move for epo in handy. he has the job love the way at. hmm think my hubby was in the living room with me and i needed and there he kept the focus to visit print at the stop the panicking and he was a christian charity that we had to get the carrot was the best moment ever. born in cork. my neighbor was an amazing experience that my husband by tax bill and the site's my neighbor that t
and which is actually is. my parents the key to the states from china. and and and instil the law and the e. what eastlake and alex them. it gets a chance. which is still with me. and how i treat it creates because i am and i'm chinese and her an insight i decreased my work. my culture heretics. local taxi to ring as an american style snow i'm interested in and out for telling the story and the way that they can connect to its large audience at the market. universal story on because most of us me at the bench at the one who is an american accent for natives. or are immigrants to snow. i'm also interested in and how. i'll wear it families can come to this place they didn't and made it home and i struggled and let you know what the left hand in things like that. that is also kind of coming to you some of that. story then headed to town i just did it however to see it essentially. and how we write to me. i know. it all. cheesy yes you . the news on him nelson mandela has passed away the age of ninety five he was south africa's first black president and anti apartheid icon and that south africa
to do they want cheap fuel. this is one of the law is paying rates thereby sparing in a minute that it is too shall pass and that's maybe it was meant to them it's going to be too few of the people in neighboring plots of land to pay the ones that suffer the consequences that the huge increase rates of as constables those who were spared few problems thousands of families in the forced move out to the areas i'm wondering is that we're now hearing more about the specific stories of the mailman says that in order to get any kind of compensation from the stock in companies. the house to settle out of school has the competence to fight the legal battles that everyone can afford much more months till line in the saddle so without the dome home from tiffany delay the carribean cruise is a decade of spending spree but dozens of russian diplomats in america has been on an ethic of the funds doesn't trouble being blamed for the folded the medicaid system the thought of those lavish lifestyles we get more of a delegation to mind the date of the bride's mom with two schools have seen clas
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